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The story so farAdrian Derbyshire

On 20th August 2008, Adrianís life struck disaster. After going to bed that night, he woke up to find himself in the middle of a hospital, surrounded by doctors and nurses days later. He was told he had a brain haemorrhage due to a Dermoid tumour which was in the core of his brain and was inoperable. The haemorrhage had caused chemical meningitis which left him with speech, balance, and stroke like issues. Without any warning his life had changed forever. He was unable

to function as he used to, and his only way of getting around was in the confines of a wheelchair.


For most people this would have left them depressed, however Adrian has only been positive since the incident. By January of 2009, Adrian was home

full time and wanting to rebuild his life. The first thing on his list was to learn to speak again, and then to feel better by getting his body working again by strength

exercises. By June 2009 he was back in the gym and regaining his strength. One day Adrian was looking on the internet at home for disabled sports and came across a Talent Transition Day at Brunel University, this event was sponsored by GB Paralympics in the hope of finding future athletes, and Adrian decided to pursue a career in sport, something he had always loved.


Adrian was one of thousands of applicants to apply and he was selected and invited to the camp. Adrian tried 14 Paralympic sports such as basketball, tennis and shooting, but it was Wheelchair Fencing that he took to like a duck to water. He was invited to a weekend training camp at the Olympic Village, where he would train with Great Britainís best and loved it. He was then asked to compete in his first National competition back at the Olympic Village 6 weeks later in October, where he won his first Silver Medal.


His second competition in November proved he had talent by beating seasoned Great British and international athletes to win his first Gold.

He was chosen for the GB team at the end of 2009 and after just one and a half years of fencing and competitive competition, Adrian has won a total of 2 Gold and 3 Silver medals and has the title of National Champion and Great Britainís Sabre Champion. He is currently training for the 2012 London Paralympics where he hopes to be selected for his first games. For this and Adrianís Great Britain Campaign, he is in desperate need of financial help.


The costs of Training, Coaches, Travel and Kit are extremely

expensive and he has to raise £20,000 a year to train. Just one wheel

chair costs over £4000.



Would you consider sponsorship?


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